Putting Home Care

On The MapTM

How It Works


Scheduled Request

The Patient opens the CareSnap™ app, chooses their service, and schedules a service request.


Service Request Accepted

Once the service request is accepted, the patient is then matched with a nearby Caregiver.


Service Verified

Both the Patient and the Caregiver are verified in a real time map view.


Home Care Service

The Caregiver provides the home care service to the Patient.


Rate & Review

At the end of each home care service, both Patients and Caregivers can rate each other from 1 to 5.


It’s That Easy

Schedule within the CareSnap™ app when you need it.

People Simply Love the App, & So Do We

We know that the CareSnap app speaks for itself, but here are a few testimonials.
Carely A. - PAS Supervisor

Great app, easy to use and navigate. Highly recommend it!

Veronica S. - Care Coordinator


Very helpful and easy to use app!

Monica B. - BSN, RN


Absolutely brilliant!

Stephen M. - LVN


Apply right from my phone, love it!

Alex M., BSN, RN

Absolutely love the video teachings library!

Enrique G. - RN


Cool idea, onboarding process allows the Patient to manage their own documents!

Veronica E. - Caregiver


What a great app, Clock In & Clock Out is easy, and I see my entire work history!

Dora R. - PAS Coordinator


Awesome app, easily helps keep patients staffed and Caregivers scheduled!

Lidia Z. - Patient


Nice app, allows me to schedule directly with my Caregiver.  Thank you!

Victoria M. - BSN, RN


Fantastic concept, home care needed this!

Angelica A. - Patient

I love this app!  I'm able to schedule home care when I need it.

Glenda M. - BSN, RN


This app is the future of Home Care, love it!

MaryAnn T. - CNA

Great way to earn extra money when needed, and I love the direct deposit!

Putting Home Care on the Map™

A patent pending software, designed specifically for the home care industry. Our mobile app technology allows both, Patients and Caregivers, to easily schedule home care services, when they need it.

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