Safety and confidence in the field

Commitment to Caregivers

CareSnap™ is dedicated to keeping you safe in the field. Our technology enables us to focus on the Caregiver safety.

Before your home care visit

Providing care

No anonymous requests for home care

All Patients must provide their name and phone number, and lots more vital information before requesting home care services. So when you accept a request, you’ll know who you’re providing services for and so will we.

Substitute phone numbers

CareSnap™ uses technology that anonymizes phone numbers to keep contact details confidential. So when you or the home care Patient need to contact each other, everyone’s personal information stays private.

During the home care visit

Achieving your goal

In-app navigation and documentation

Automatically receive in-app turn-by-turn directions to your destination. Document with our easy form-fillable notes right from within the app with our Point of Care (POC) technology.

Putting Home Care on the Map™

GPS data is logged for every home care visit so we know when you arrive and when you leave. This transparency promotes accountability and encourages good behavior.

After the home care visit

Always improving the CareSnap™ experience

Get paid, no hassle

Once all in-app documentation is complete, your pay is automatically sent via ACH to your bank.

Caregiver feedback

You rate your Patient every home care visit. We review those ratings to ensure that the Patient that receives home care services, is as respectful as you are.


Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about your home care services.