Our Story

Where We've Been, and Where
We're Headed
Where We've Been, and Where
We're Headed

Our inspiration comes from the Founder and CEO who was raised in the Home Care industry, and has grown in it for over 20 years. By addressing decades of pain points of Home Care agencies, we have developed a patent pending technology that integrates, improves, simplifies, automates, and streamlines both the Patient Onboarding™ and Caregiver Onboarding™ processes from directly within our app.

Simplicity, flow and accessibility from a Patient or Caregiver's phone is the ultimate goal. This solution provides the ability for a Patient to request services when they want, and for a Caregiver to work when they want - earning what they need.

Connecting Caregivers & Patients, into the Future

In addition to providing the ability for Patients to schedule their care directly with our mobile app technology, we are working to make the future today - which includes TeleHealth to help minimize unnecessary trips to the doctor and hospital. We are also implementing giving Patients the ability to order supplies and Durable Medical Equipment as we partner Amazon Associates, and also to book transportation through Uber directly from within the app.

Safe Caregivers, Safe Patients

We are committed to providing safe care to Patients and Caregivers. Our Caregivers are background checked monthly, re-oriented at least annually, and are also required to be skills-trained according to a Patient's Plan of Care. We partner with skills training advocates that continue to develop our continuous education technology for Caregivers to promote overall safety and well-being of Patients.

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Who's Working for You

Our goal is for our software promote excellent Home Care for Patients, and that derives from continuously educating Caregivers and growing their skillset.

Diversity at CareSnap

Home Care is Diverse

We are proud to say that Home Care industry is the most diverse workplace in the nation, because there are still people who truly care about other's well-being. By providing the workforce with Skills Training & Education, we naturally create and empower a workforce that cares for Patient’s well-being.